Jack the Ripper. The Seduction of Mary Kelly by William J Perring

The Seduction of Mary Kelly
Final Victim of Jack the Ripper






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The Seduction of Mary Kelly. Final Victim of Jack the Ripper. A novel by William J Perring

Kindle (two volumes) £2.35 each

Hardback (one volume 592 pages)

Price 17.95

A story of love and of friendship, of villainy, madness and murder; tragic and comic by turns. But above all, a story of one woman's inspiring journey in seach of happiness

The Seduction of Mary Kelly is a novel - not primarily about the investigation into the Jack the Ripper killings; there are no policemen doggedly tracking down the killer in this book, but rather it is the story of Mary Jane Kelly's journey: from the poverty of a childhood spent in a small Welsh mining village, through a short-lived marriage and its awful aftermath; to the mean streets of Cardiff where violence is never far away, then into the highest circles of London society, before the fall from grace that brings her to the very brink of destitution - and possibly to her death at the hands of the Whitechapel murderer.

Mary Kelly's story is an epic one, depicting Victorian society at its best and worst, and weaving threads of deceit and betrayal, love, friendship, determination and courage that bring those two worlds inexorably together.